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Different Types of Dental Floss

added on: July 29, 2019
dental floss

When it comes to great oral health, you’ll often hear your dentist in Valparaiso talk a lot about proper brushing and the importance of doing it every day. But there’s a good chance your dental team also talks to you about why you should be flossing every day. And with good reason.  Flossing greatly lowers your risk of developing cavities or gum disease, and if you don’t floss, you miss out on cleaning about 35% of your teeth! So today, we’d like to cover some of the different types of dental floss available so you can find the one that’s best for you. 

Traditional Floss

The tried and true traditional string floss is probably the most commonly used floss out there. It’s been tested and proven time and again to effectively remove plaque buildup in-between teeth and up under the gum line, allowing for healthier mouths overall. There are many positives to using traditional floss including: 

  • It’s compact and easy to store or travel with
  • It works 
  • It’s pretty cheap

But traditional floss doesn’t come without cons. Some people find this type of floss difficult or cumbersome to use and, therefore, don’t get a very thorough cleaning. Younger children or those with limited use of their hands or fingers may have trouble effectively using traditional floss and should seek an alternative. 

Floss Picks

Individuals who may have trouble using traditional floss may choose to try floss picks. These plastic picks can be easier to use and are still convenient to store and pack in your travel bag. Floss picks use a threaded piece of floss in between two sturdy posts; this eliminates the need to wind loose floss around your fingers and work to fit them into the back of your mouth. However, many times more than one floss pick will be needed for each flossing session so you may go through your supplies faster than traditional floss. 

Water Flosser

The most high-tech flossing option is an electric water flosser. These devices are highly effective at removing plaque and bacteria safely and gently. They can even help decrease time spent flossing. The truth is, your dentist in Valparaiso is probably a big fan of using a water flosser. But again, they may not be the right fit for everyone. They are electric, which does require them to be plugged in or charged regularly, and they can also be pretty big so they’re not the most convenient thing to store. Lastly, water flossers are more expensive than traditional floss or floss picks. 

The most important thing to remember when choosing the best dental floss for you is to make sure you pick an option that you’ll use. If you need some guidance on finding the type of floss that will work best for your oral health, as well as your comfort, talk with your dentist in Valparaiso.